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Gorgeous lifestyle channel for women produced by women

Fun, practical advice

New ideas for a new, more mindful you

Inspiring experiences, great shows

Our shows: Light sports, home, health, cooking, flowers, travel, beauty, real stories

Holistic nature and beautiful views are always the background of our content

Secret Sauce: Sunny, breezy and bright; always happy and uplifting

Our mission: Help you live better lives, be happier people.

Fresh mixture of cool California with European sophistication

Always watchable and fun

Beautiful go-to place to help you live happier, feel better, escape

We are here for you: coaching, inspirational, "mindful", entertaining

The 3 Keys

Practical: exercises and lifestyle tips to help you live better

Inspiring: shows that convey a sense of wonder, a life that is happier and more Zen

Fun: real experiences of people of people who improved their lives or changed them completely

Enjoy, grow, discover, escape!


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Android TV

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